NRRA Newsletter – Winter 2017

Volume 15 | Issue 1

The Village in the City Issue

Heritage Designation Controversy

In the months ahead, City staff will need to decide whether to
approve or block a luxury low-rise condo development on Dale
Avenue in South Rosedale. The NRRA opposes this
development as an adverse precedent, potentially opening the
door to future tear-down condo development in Rosedale. A
public meeting held on November 6 attracted around 150
attendees, and the vast majority also expressed their
disapproval to the Dale development.
As Heritage Districts, both South Rosedale and North Rosedale
are protected. Heritage plans allow for demolition of lower
grade houses, but the intent was not to pull down whole
sections of streets as proposed by the Dale development.
Rosedale’s heritage character is defined by its unique quality
single family homes nestled in a garden landscape. It is not
defined by a specific style of home, because there are many
excellent examples of different styles from Toronto’s history.
The heritage plans were put in place to protect an important
pocket of residential dwellings from
overdevelopment and to stop the
construction of apartment buildings in
the area.
Despite protestations to the contrary,
this will create a precedent. There are
several locations in Rosedale where the opportunity to tear down homes on larger lots to increase development exist. Furthermore,
the development will have an adverse impact on the Rosedale Valley ravine, which if allowed would degrade the integrity of Toronto’s
ravine protection rules that are more important today than ever. The NRRA has made its case to both the South Rosedale Residents
Association, Councillor Wong-Tam and City planning staff.