NRRA Newsletter – Winter 2018

Volume 16 | Issue 1 Winter 2018/19


A Rosedale Walk About by Terrel Wong

When you are strolling through the
neighbourhood, you will notice the rich
tapestry that is the architectural heritage
of Rosedale. It is a cornucopia of Arts
and Crafts, Victorian, Georgian, and
modern homes on winding streets under
an urban forest. The buildings are linked
by scale, rich materiality with smatterings
of unique details.
To better my drawing skills I am slowly
sketching the homes throughout North
Rosedale. Below are a few examples with
some tidbits gleaned from historic data and the
internet. It is a work in progress and I would love input from
my neighbours to update this heritage database.


51 Roxborough Drive | The Wolf House


In 1970 Barton Myers, with local architect AJ Diamond, designed himself a very modern
home at 19 Berryman Street. It came to the notice of Lawrence and Mary Wolf who were
looking to build something similar. The resulting Wolf House with its exposed metal
structure and mechanical system is loved by UofT architecture students and modernists
The original structure was two storeys built above grade on steel columns allowing the
ravine edge to flow under the building. In the 80s a lower level glass box was added. The
interiors were altered by Yabu Pushelberg in 1995. They
were altered again in 2008 by Heather Faulding.
This Fall I had the ultimate pleasure to get a personal tour
from the current owner. What a treat! As an
environmental architect this building causes me both
delight and dread as it is essentially an uninsulated glass
box. To wrap it in insulation would be to ruin its
architectural expression and would be pointless as the
metal frame would bypass any insulation added. The only
thing I suggested to the owner to improve comfort and
reduce his carbon footprint would be in order of
importance: air sealing, operable exterior shading, PV panels on the roof, and finally
better windows (once the older ones fail).
Below are several good sites to get more information about this iconic building.