Curious about sidewalk plowing? Winter storm clean up? Read here to find out more….

Sidewalk plowing takes place when there is 2 cm of snow accumulation and the snow has stopped falling, or when icy conditions dictate.  Sidewalks with high pedestrian volume (arterial roads, school zones, transit areas, and accessibility locations) will be cleared first.  Sidewalk clearing after a snowfall takes approximately 13 hours to complete and, depending on the storm severity, may occur more than once.  Sidewalk clearing can continue up to 72 hours after the snow has stopped falling.

Bus Stops and Transit Shelter Plowing

Bus stops and transit shelters will generally be plowed within 48 hours after a snowstorm.

Winter Storm Clean up update from the City of Toronto – January 25th 

Progress Summary: 

  • The City’s 24/7 snow removal operations are underway city wind to ensure safety and accessability, improve traffic and facilitate streetcar movement. 
  • All salting operations on expressways, major roads and bike lanes in response to yesterday’s snowfall have been completed. All sidewalks have recived salting & plowing. 
  • If your road has not been plowed please escalate to #311.  The snow removal services are tracking all #311 snow removal escalations. 
  • Did you know that the City has a program for sidewalk snow removal for disabled person(s) or older residents.  Here’s the link for the application form to register:
  • Here’s is the link to track snow removal progress. Here’s the link:
  • Did you know the City of January 19/22 has begun tagging and towing vehicles obstructing traffic both on major roads and within neighbourhoods. Check any vehicle(s) you park on the street. Here’s a link with more info:


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