NRRA Newsletter – Summer 2020

Volume 17 | Issue 2

As the world has stood still for weeks and then months, we have watched in awe while countless selfless frontline workers sacrificed to keep us healthy, fed, clean, protected and moving.

This is a time we must not forget.

We, in our village within the city, have borne witness to the amazing frontline that has patiently and gracefully kept our lives running.

Thank you to all the shops along Summerhill.

Thank you to the TTC that kept the buses running.

Thank you to the City Workers both Garbage and Recycling.

Thank you to the City and Construction Workers both in our Parks and on our Roads.

Thank you to 53 Division that has kept us informed and protected.

Thank you for always trying to find new ways to keep both yourselves and us safe.

Thank you for working hard to lead us into our new normal.

Thank you.

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