NRRA Newsletter – Spring 2018

Volume 15 | Issue 2

Chorley Trail Update

Many residents have been closely following the development of the switchback trail connecting Chorley Park and the Beltline Trail. On April 2nd, the City’s contractors re-commenced work.

They have estimated a 6-8 week construction schedule, depending upon weather conditions, which will take us to somewhere between Mayfair and the Victoria Day long weekend.

The City’s goal is to allow for the site to be re-opened in early summer. The City has once again closed access to the site, as well as to the Beltline, for the construction period. The “Trail Closed” signs that have become familiar to many have reappeared in Chorley Park and at other access points.

The NRRA, alongside many residents, has offered to support the replanting and site rehabilitation which will follow construction.

The City will do some replanting of larger trees this summer and rehabilitation will continue through 2018 and 2019 to restore the site.

Please mark your calendars for a community planting event on Saturday, September 29th.

We will provide an update once arrangements for the event become formalized. Updates will also be provided through the NRRA

Community Page on Facebook.