NRRA Newsletter – Winter 2020

Volume 18 | Issue 1

I think we can all agree 2020 has been quite a ride and 2021 looks like it will be equally interesting, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves… We tackle several topics of importance to members of the North Rosedale Residents’ Association in this Winter newsletter.

The City of Toronto Parks department would like us to educate ourselves on how to use our NEW green recycle bins. Please note that this is a trial program and local parks that are not using their green bins correctly will lose them and the opportunity to recycle organic waste.

By now you will have seen several “Slow Down” signs on our streets. Speed is a growing concern within our membership and on our local streets. To help with this effort both the NRRA and Councillor Mike Layton’s office are offering “Slow Down” signs on a first come first served basis to any members who’d like one for their front lawn to help with this awareness campaign.

Now that the Glen Road construction has finally wound down, our next area construction project is underway at the corner of Roxborough and Mt. Pleasant. This change is part of the City’s “Vision Zero- 2017-2021 Campaign”- Safety for Pedestrians. In this issue you can read about the recent meeting on this matter with concerned residents, the NRRA Board and the City.

In this Winter issue we officially launch the new look and feel of our NRRA Website. Don’t miss the opportunity to enter our Photo Contest! Send your photos in now to win a gift certificate and to have your photos featured on our website, Facebook page and in our twice-yearly newsletter. Good Luck!

Thank you Chef Jamison and Rosedale’s Finest for another yummy recipe … Braised Short Ribs. Makes my mouth water! And thank you to Interior Couture for giving us a step by step lesson on how to set a modern holiday table.

Finally, let me join with all of the NRRA board members in wishing all of you a safe, healthy, and happy New Year and holiday season.